Area: 32.216 (12 sq.mi.)

Population: 667 (as of 2001)

Density: 21/ (54/sq.mi.)

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Aegeon Hotel
Category: 2**
Anemi Furnished Apts
Category: 4****
Anemomilos Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Aria Boutique Hotel
Category: 4****
Aria Boutique
Belvedere Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Castro Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Chora Resort Hotel
Category: 4****
Chora Resort
Fata Morgana Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Fata Morgana
Folegandros Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Horizon Hotel
Category: 3***
Kallisti Hotel
Category: 3***
Meltemi Hotel
Category: 2**
Odysseus Hotel
Category: 2**
Paraporti Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Polikandia Hotel
Category: 2**
To Asteri Tou Egeou Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
To Asteri Tou Egeou
Vardia Bay Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Vardia Bay
Vrahos Hotel
Category: 2**

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Folegandros is a remote tiny Greek island offering complete privacy to its visitors. Its area hardly reaches 33 square km with only 650 locals. The island lies in the Aegean Sea forming the southern part of Cycladic chain. The destination still remains untouched by growing touristic industry and provides ultimate relaxation and privacy in traditional Cycladic landscapes and beaches. Folegandros is reachable by numerous ferries. Tourists are advised to fly directly to Santorini and get to the destination by ferry which is the shortest way.

There are three small picturesque villages to stop at: Karavostasi, the main port of the island, the Chora and Ano Meria. The destination offers a few hotels to stop in. However the most popular and available way to stop there is to rent a private apartment. Hotels of the island are mainly new. Many have been built or renovated within the last three years. The service and facilities are satisfactory. Tourists used to high-tech environment will lack some comfort there.

The hottest season is July and August, thus advanced booking is absolutely necessary during these months. Livadi offers an organized camping for travelers who love to stay close to nature and do not mind absence of traditional conveniences. Tourists should also keep in mind that there is no Municipal Tourist office on the island. The island does not host any bank, the only ATM is available in Chora.

Folegandros offers stunning beaches, however these are very hard to reach. Tourists are advised to get a map of the island, memorize the schedule of the bus or rent bikes. Local beaches preserve complete pristine wildness featuring no modern facilities and attractions, so tourists are recommended to think of foods and water. The popular resort beaches are Angali, Vardia, Pountaki, Livadi.

The best season to visit the island is spring and early summer as temperatures are not very high and the destination sinks in wild blooming.
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